Workers’ Compensation

Our attorneys advise claims adjusters, businesses, insurance companies, employers, and third-party administrators regarding all aspects of work-related accidents, illness, or injuries that implicate both the state and federal workers compensation schemes, specifically including Alaska Workers Compensation Act and U.S. Longshore and Harborworkers’ Compensation Act claims.  We also represent and defend employers throughout the claim process, including administrative hearings before the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board and the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as defending vessel owners against Section 905(b) claims in state and federal courts.  Our expertise includes:

  • Risk management and training
  • Medical cost containment and independent medical evaluations
  • Disability, return to work, and vocational retraining issues
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, including Mediation
  • Litigation, both state and federal courts, with our attorneys admitted to practice in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska
  • Appeals, both administrative and judicial
  • Settlement analysis and negotiation
  • Medicare Secondary Payer issues; and
  • Concurrent jurisdiction strategies and defenses


Additionally, we handle complex claims that implicate coverage under multiple jurisdictions.  This includes deciphering and advocating for the proper jurisdiction under the specific facts and circumstances presented, and utilizing our collective and specialized knowledge to effectively guide those claims to which multiple jurisdictions attach and overlap.  Our expertise and understanding of these unique situations allows our clients to efficiently and confidently manage these claims.