Medicare Secondary Payer

The laws, regulations, and CMS policy regarding Medicare as secondary payer have been in a process of constant change since 2001. Our proficiency in these matters allow us to navigate the evolving challenges presented by CMS, and to pursue collaborative solutions that best protect the interests of our clients in resolving disputes to finality.

We understand the challenges and have the expertise necessary to navigate complex disputed cases that implicate considerations under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. This includes working with our clients to insure accurate reporting under Section 111 Mandatory Reporting, and advising on best practices with settlements that require Medicare Set-Aside allocations, with or without CMS review. Where Medicare conditional payment liens have accrued, whether due to disputed treatment, error on the part of the medical provider, or simply because CMS has cast a broad net in its attempts to recover alleged conditional payments, our attorneys assist their clients in disputing CMS’s recovery demands and advise on strategies for reducing future liens.